Ced Pakusevskij

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Ced Pakusevskij is a Director and Creative. For his works, Ced has won numerous Gold Awards at Promax in NY, LA and throughout Europe.

Ced Pakusevskij is a Director and Creative.

His works are characterized by a distinctive and vibrant visual style. Ced began working as a television theme designer for MTV UK, France and South Africa. The form of these themes often did not exceed 15″ but was always full of narration, symbolism and emotion. In Ced’s vision, the forms of shorter videos must not be devoid of narrative and emotion, in the same way that poetry is not deprived of these compared to novels. For his works Ced has won numerous Gold Awards at Promax in NY, LA and throughout Europe. Ced was born as a creative who writes and draws, graduated from Academia di Belle Arti and in addition to the charm of the digital world has a great passion for storytelling and conceptual art. Crossing different mediums, between 3d graphics, music production, graphic design and artistic installations Ced has collected the valuable experiences that he introduced in his films and photography. Because of this breadth of experience, it has often happened that Ced also wrote the payoff for the campaign for which he shot the film or introduced a new and unthinkable storytell for the marketing team.

With his movie Embodiment in 2021 he won the Best New Italian Fashion Film award at the Milano Fashion Film Festival and Best Fashion Film at the UK Fashion Film Festival, but also won awards at film festivals that are not exclusively related to the fashion world such as Venice Shorts and Independent Shorts in Los Angeles.

His campaigns have found a place in the Times and in Piccadilly square, his TV identity had ratings of 200 million or more and his works have been shown and cited in prestigious magazines such as Creative Review, Computer Arts, Nowness, Motionographer, HypeBeast, Vogue and others.