Mattia Zoppellaro

Mattia Zoppellaro will exhibit a widespread exhibition in the historical centre of Rovigo – his hometown – during the RoRogeneration Festival, from the 11th to the 17th of September 2023


RoRogeneration is a Regenerative Urban Arts Festival in Rovigo (RO), with the idea of stimulating citizens and visitors to become an active part of the processes of regeneration and regeneration of the city.


The 2023 edition of the Festival will see the presence of exhibitions of photography and contemporary art, live painting, naturography and installations that tell the landscape of the territory and the climatic fragility of this era, live music sets and concerts. Among them also Mattia Zoppellaro’s Exhibition “È Ancora qui” which portrays Rovigo’s people  and that could be seen throughout the festival period .

Unpredictability, shots impossible to plan, a research focused on the relationship between individual and group – be it by choice or by constraint – in a photographic installation placed in public spaces of Rovigo.
“It is still here” speaks of our city and the Rodigini who live there, with the idea of letting different angles capture the daily nuances, proposing itineraries that can be walked, by bike or by car.

Besides the exhibition, during the Festival there will also be the chance to meet Mattia, who will give a talk on his photography on the 11th of September at Pescheria Nuova, Corso del Popolo, 140, Rovigo (RO).

During the meeting, will also be presented a tabloid, which takes the same title as the exhibition and contains 24 photographs of the artist.